Esthetic Services

Esthetic Services

As we grow in years, our skin loses its firmness and ability to retain moisture. Sun exposure over a lifetime can lead to wrinkles and age spots. Most of us suffer from chronic skin conditions like acne or eczema from time to time. Despite all the skin conditions we have to deal with, there are wonderful treatments available that can reverse the signs of aging and help resolve various skin problems. At Love Medical Spa in Portland, Oregon, we offer a wide range of esthetic treatments to hide the imperfections of your face and skin and deliver brilliant results. 

Skin Brightening Facials

Facials esthetic services include various specialty products and skincare ingredients. Our brightening facials will lighten the appearance of dark spots, acne marks, or hyperpigmentation. Some common elements include vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and many others. 

Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels improve the appearance of the skin by encouraging the outer layer of the skin to peel. This can ease fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and age spots. The fresh layer of skin is generally brightened with reduced wrinkles. 


Microneedling is performed to boost collagen production. This esthetic treatment will provide smoother skin with an improved texture and complexion. Microneedling is often recommended to diminish long-term acne scarring. Fine needles are run across the skin to stimulate collagen production. 

Anti-Aging Facials 

Anti-aging facials are skin care treatments that consist of active ingredients and customized products. These facials primarily improve the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Common ingredients used in these facials include vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, ceramides, and antioxidants. 


Dermabrasion treatments remove the dead skin cells by using exfoliation techniques. It is suitable for eliminating deep scars and advanced hyperpigmentation. Dermabrasion requires more downtime for the skin to rejuvenate.  


Dermaplaning is another exfoliation technique that removes the outer layer of dead skin to bring out the fresh layer underneath. The process involves using a tiny blade to skim the skin's surface. This is generally less invasive than dermabrasion treatments. Dermaplaning can help decrease the appearance of acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage spots, along with removing hair. 

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a painless technique to remove the hair from its root. This process gives people smoother skin that is hair-free for a more extended period. Moreover, this treatment is FDA-approved, giving more confidence to potential patients who want to try out laser hair removal. 

Treatments provided at Love Medical Spa


Acne treatment facial and home routine set up. Product is not included but must be purchased to start bootcamp. Deep cleanse, thorough extractions, enzyme or a chemical peel, high frequency, LED therapy, cold globes and serums, SPF.

$135.00 90 min


2-week mandatory acne bootcamp check-in service. We cover progress, make-at-home adjustments and you receive a maintenance facial. Deep cleanse, extractions, enzyme or a chemical peel, LED therapy, cold globe massage and finishing serums, SPF.

$99.00 75 min


Mandatory client consultation is added for every new client. The price is waived for those who book service on the same day. This is a general overview of skin concerns, conditions and expectations.

$45.00 30 min


Totally virtual appointment, great for those who can’t physically visit. During this one-on-one consultation, each client will receive a specialized routine once we go over skin concerns, goals, expectations and triggers. Continued support for up to 6weeks after consultation.

$50.00 45 min


A personalized facial, great for skin health and maintenance for first-time clients.

$95.00 60 min


A great option for those suffering from “bacne” but is also highly effective for those who just need a little love on their back.

$115.00 45 min


A facial that will be the first of a series of facials strictly targeting acne and dropping breakouts. Exfoliation and extractions are utilized with LED therapy and High frequency to stop bacteria and future breakouts.

$125.00 75 min


Customized to your preference and skin needs, either a diamond tip microdermabrasion machine or a dermaplaning blade are used to remove dead skin from the face and give a deep exfoliation. Full facial included.

$135.00 75 min


Focused on lymphatic drainage, and sculpting, this facial offers instant results. Includes a firming and hydrating Argireline(ingredient found in Tox) mask that tightens and firms by causing muscles to contract and stimulate collagen, and reduce lines.

$150.00 90 min


A super effective way to quickly get skin results. Chemical peels are used for clients who have more severe skin concerns and are ready to take the area to dramatically improve the skin. Must be a current client who has already had a consultation and regular facial. Not suitable for active acne.

$125.00 60 min


A medium to a high-strength peeling solution, Jessner's Peel is designed to improve the skin on a deeper level than AHAs. It comprises 20% lactic acid(an alpha hydroxy acid), 15% salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid), and 14% resorcinol, which can exfoliate skin deeply while treating skin conditions like acne and hyperpigmentation.


One of the most gentle peeling options, a lactic acid peel, is an Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA) peel that contains lactic acid derived from milk. Since it is mild in nature, it can suit anyone, including those with sensitive skin.

Typically, the lactic acid concentration in lactic acid peels ranges from 30% to about 70% and is chosen based on the sensitivity of the skin being treated, the severity of skin damage, and the desired results. 


A highly effective combination of both physical and chemical exfoliation to remove dead skin build up and penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis to renew and refresh troubled and damaged skin. Great for aging concerns, hyperpigmentation, congested skin and KP on arms and legs.

$150.00 90 min


This treatment utilizes microdermabrasion, a gentle chemical peel and super hydration to help relieve Keratosis Pilaris aka “chicken skin”. Great on legs and arms.

$99.00 45 min


Hydro jelly mask personalized to your skin concerns. Great add-on after dermaplane, can be added on during other services.

$20.00 10 min


A dermaplaning method of exfoliation. A sterile surgical scalpel is used to remove vellus hair and the outermost layer of the epidermis. Smooths skin for better product penetration and makeup application. * not suitable for active acne*

$35.00 10 min


A highly effective treatment that creates enriched oxygen molecules that have antibacterial properties and can aid in reducing acne, depuffing and helping fine lines and wrinkles fade by stimulating the skin to help produce collagen and elastin.

$15.00 10 min


A highly effective way to combat acne, aging and skin irritation. Highly recommended during all facials, or as a stand-alone treatment.

$20.00 10 min


Lash lifts are a way you can get makeup and an extension-free boost to your natural lashes. The certified chemical-free process allows lashes to become their most voluminous and lifted selves with results lasting 6-8 weeks*. Tint is included

$99.00 60 min


Utilizing Elleebana’s worldwide award-winning system, we can gently relax the brow hairs and reshape them to give you a fuller-looking and better-shaped brow. Results last 6-8 weeks and include tint.

$85.00 60 min


Combination of Elleebana’s famous lash lift and brow lamination. Perfect for those who want everything done in one quick swoop.

$184.00 90 min


Brow or lash tint.

$25.00 30 min


$3.00 10 min


Swing by and pick up a customized routine to help keep your skin on track!

$0.00 15 min

To learn more about our esthetics therapies, visit our office, Love Medical Spa, at 2250 NW Flanders St., Portland, OR 97210. You can also reach us at (971) 500-9009 and schedule an appointment.